Get White Hat Contextual Links By Guest Blogging (DA Upto 95)

We Perform Manual Outreach Service

Why Guest Blogging Links Are The Best ?

  1. Contextual best for Link Juice.

As I already said, Google is getting smarter everyday so if you are building links from Directory or profiles, STOP them now. These pages are super thin & full of links, No content. You will never get link Juice from here. So 100s of these link can’t help your site to rank.
 Guest post Links are genuine contextual links. Your backlink will be crowded by many other related Keywords which strengthen your link & passes juice to your site.

  1. Safe from any Google Update.

As these links are genuine, not coming from thin pages, Moderated blogs so the content will be top notch.
You don’t need to worry about anything after get links from these sites e.g. indexing & social signals etc. The content will be indexed organically & people will share naturally.

But Guest Postings are Dead ?

A slow clap, every year in many forums, blogs & Boards you may came across the phrase “SEO is dead”. Really? Think twice. Remember, Google never wants you to do Link Building.  But! yes, Google’s algorithm is getting better every day so they can easily catch Low quality links.

That’s why Guest posting & outreach are the only way to get contextual quality backlinks.

Why To Choose Us?

We target genuine blogs: We believe quality than quantity. Our process includes various quality control so that you will get linkback from the best websites in the world. For example, We filter blogs that don’t have good DA, don’t have any visitors, poorly maintained blogs, not good looking etc.

Years of Relationship: We have years of relationship with many bloggers. We work in a way that the blogger will get quality content for their readers & our buyers will receive a link back. Also we are in touch with bloggers regularly so that make the process fast.

Support: Our support is very responsive, period.

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Special Quality Assurance

  1. Many services provide link from so called “quality websites” are actually blog networks. These blog networks have large footprint which can penalize your website in no time. We can 100% assure you you will not get links from these websites. We believe in white hat SEO & each website from which you may get links are contacted manually buy our team.
  2. We maintain minimum authority before pitch. We don’t pitch websites that have DA less than 20, TF less than 15 & Traffic below 3000/month(Alexa).
  3. We give some social boost to the published guest posts for extra SEO.
  4. We maintain Minimum 500 Word article so that you will get enough link juice.

Our Approach

First, you have to provide the URL you are targeting. Then we will Find Profitable KWs for you (You can skip if you already have Keywords). Our team will close the deal and start processing the order.

2ndly, we will find popular & authority sites in your niche then we will write high quality piece of content. Finally, we will outreach to the blogs we have collected & pitch the article we have written.

Finally, you will receive a linkback to your site from we have outreached.

Content Is King but Quality Backlinks are catalyst

Contextual white hat links from authority sites by doing outreach. We love high quality links that build your site's trust on search engine. Not only you will get SEO value also tons of traffic from these sources. Build Your website's trust Now. In 2017, Spamy Profile& Directory etc. links are no more working.

To achieve Rank #1, you need quality links not quantity & guest posts links are quality backlinks in the planet.


Which niches we work?
We love to work on any niches but your URL shouldn’t be promotional. If your page is about a product or promotional discuss with us before order. We strictly avoid these niches,
  • Adult
  • Pharma
  • Gambling/ Casino
  • Non-English
  • Niches like “XXX review”, “ XXXX thing in NYC” etc

What keywords you can use?
You can use any keywords but discuss with us as to make suitable with content we have to modify your keyword a little.

Are the links permanent?
Yes 100%, we guarantee 90 days. If your link will be removed in this period, we will replace the link. 99.99% times it will not happen.

What is the turnaround time?
Our process can take 2 days to 2 months depending upon sites we are pitching. Some sites are takes times to approve our content.

What is the quality of the Article?
The articles are going to be posted in quality & reputed moderated websites. There is no chance that the editors or admins are going to approve low standard articles. We have full time journalist in our content team.

Can you provide any samples?
Yes, please email us for this.

Upto what authority you can get backlink from?
As much as possible, sometimes from Entrepreneur or INC also.
What things to perform before choosing our service?
Your website should be nicely designed, clean & readable.
Are these links are permanent?
These are long term links. Your links will be stay forever until the webmaster not going to close his website, which is rare. You don’t need to pay money every month to retain the backlink. Your link will be on an aged page in the passage of time which is a important factor in SEO.


One Word I have to say : Quality


Quality & communication is at Best. +1


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