Epic Guest Blogging Tips to Get Your Post Accepted

Guest blogging is one of the effective content marketing technique. But guest blogging is dead right? Well not really. Guest blogging is still effective in branding, lead generation or in terms of SEO. Here we’ll discuss effective guest blogging tips & how your guest post will be accepted by the blogs.

Guest blogging has some etiquettes and rules. If you follow this, you will get a chance to write on Top blogs.

Ok so what’s the process?

Here we will describe how to find these blogs, connect this blogs and finally pitch your content.

So let’s find these blogs.

How to Find Blogs who accept Guest Blog?

Finding blogs for guest posting is not that hard but pitching is. There are various ways to collect blogs that accept guest blogs.

Google Search

This is the most promising way of finding guest blogs. There are some Google footprints by which you can get tons of blogs for guest posting.

Just search the phrases or footprints in Google

keyword “submit a guest post”

keyword “guest post”

keyword “guest post by”

keyword “accepting guest posts”

keyword “guest post guidelines”


Remember replace the keyword with the keyword of your industry. For example, if you have a blog about the dog then you can put the keyword as dog, pet, puppy etc.

From Competitor Backlinks 

You can put your competitor website on tools like ahrefs an inspect which of his links is a possible guest post link.

(Look at their Posts, may be some of them are guest posts)

From Social Networks.

Mostly, when bloggers published a guest post on another blog, they share them on their social media timeline may be for fame or to attract readers.  You can search on social media like “guest post” and you will receive many results of successful guest blog posts.

guest blogging tips

(Here its clear Mumsnet Accepts Guest Posts)

You can make a list of site like them & later you can approach them for a guest post.

Now shortlist and filter suitable blogs for pitching.

But before pitching, we need to contact these blogs and below are the ways to contact.

How to Contact These Blogs?

Contact Form / Email Mentioned on Blog

Most of the blogs have contact form. Just fill the fields with proper information why you want to guest blog on their website & hit submit. If the editors or admin will be interested, they will reply you with a welcome mail. Write to the point in mail.

Whois Email

If there is no contact form or email id mentioned on website, you can search their mail on domain who.is database and contact them. However, if their domain is privately registered then you can try next way i.e. social media.

Twitter mention/ Social media

Bloggers usually share their written article on social media. You can directly tweet them that you are interested submitting a guest post. If the website has a Facebook page,  you can directly chat with them.

Blog comment

The final way, you can comment on any relevant topic on their blog and tell them how you can contribute to their blog in a better way. Make sure you have given correct mail address in email field.

Checklists Before Pitching

Understand Their Blog

Every blog has its own writing perspective, visions & reader sets. When you are going to guest post on their blog, you have to understand it.

For example, there are two blogs based on gadgets niche. One blog focus on pros of a gadget & another focus on cons of a gadget. They are the same niche but the vision is different.

Similarly, some websites may love informative posts, whereas other love storytelling posts.

You need to understand it.

Tip: It’s a simple advice that read at least 10 posts of a blog before pitching for guest post.  You can’t simply write “Snapdragon Processor specs” on BuzzFeed but on Gizmodo you can.

Don’t flood emails of admin with guest post request

Like you many people might have pitched the blog for guest post, understand it. Editors spend lot of time proofreading. Some time they schedule your pitch to be overlooked. If you will not get any reply in 1st mail, don’t pitch or reply repetitively. This could be very annoying & they can ignore you.

Tip: Follow 1-7-30 Manner i.e. Pitch on day 1, if you don’t get any reply, follow them in next week. Again if not, follow them on month ending.  After that if they won’t show any interest, better to skip that blog.

Write on trending topic related to the blog

When you are guest blogging, always try to cover trending related to that blog.  Everyone loves posts on trending topic.

For example, if you are pitching for a bitcoin blog and you found a news that AMD is planning to introduce new GPU, then you can simply write a blog post about how that GPU going to affect bitcoin mining.


Tip: Google Trends & News can be your friend here. Just search topics related to the blog and you will find tons of trending news there.  After that make a trending post related to that blog.


Before you link any website, make sure that is a quality website

Sometime editors tell to submit whole article for proofread. It’s always better to link valuable resources on a blog post. It makes blog post more authentic. But never link irrelevant or bad resources in blog post weather the linking to your blog or anyone’s.

Tip: Always read carefully the resource blog which you are going to link.

Choose blogs which are regularly updated

A regularly updated blog has a higher chance of giving response to your pitch. Because the admin is very much serious about his blog & he will love any incoming content to his blog.

Tip: Go to blog section and see the date day gaps between two consecutive posts. 

Search their blog before you about to publish any content

If the blog has already a post you are writing about, then there is a lesser chance of your pitch get accepted.

Tip: Use search before writing.

Follow their rules.

Each blog has their own set of rules. Some blog wants no follow tag on any out links. Some blog wants write in personalized tone etc.

Tip: Must read their guest post guidelines page.

Connect before you Pitch

It’s always easier to convince if they know you well. Same happens in guest blogging. Pitching as a friend is better than pitching as a stranger.

Tip: Connect editors in social networks, reply in their blog posts, reply in their tweets etc.


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