PBN Link vs Guest Blogging Link : 7 Points Comparison

With the rise of demands for contextual links, you may think what to choose PBN or Guest Posts? Well, both have advantages and disadvantages. Both of these techniques got the red signal from google though.

Google penalized PBNs and sites associated with them in 2014. However, Google is now regularly removing PBNs from the search engine.

So should you avoid using PBN for contextual links?

It’s up to you how much risk you can take. There are many advocates of PBN who tell PBN as a safe practice, but you have to do many things to keep your PBN safe.

Should you go for Guest Posts?

If you know, Google hates link building. Google stated that guest blogging for SEO is dead. But if we compare risk factor & effort, guest posts are secure. In practical, guest posts are hard to determine, unless the website spammed with guest posts.

We have created an excellent comparison between PBN and guest post links. Choose wisely.

1. Cost for Link

PBN: It’s free, it’s your website, so you don’t have to pay anyone for it. If you are using public blog network, you have to pay some amount to the blog owner. On an average, link on the public blog network costs 20$ – 80$. But everyone says to stay away from public blog networks as they are highly spammed due to the greedy owner.

Guest Post: If you outreach blogs & they links your blog happily then it’s free. But most of the blog owners don’t want links any ABC sites. And if your blog has promotional content 99% time they won’t link you. Unless your content is not supreme quality and relevant to their blog, they won’t accept. We at guest blogging service take care of that. We will do outreach for you.

2. Effort

PBN: When it comes to effort, PBN needs lots of energy to manage. You need to hide all footprints so that Google can’t catch you. You need to publish content on your PBNs to keep them fresh regularly. To make your PBN convincing, you need to take care of them as your money site. It’s not easy to manage ten blogs unless you have a team.

Guest Post: the Only effort in a guest post is pitching content idea correctly to the webmaster. And if you choose outreach service provider like us, literally you do n’t need to do anything. Relax and watch links coming.

3. Management Cost

PBN: Managing networks of blogs is hectic also costly. The costs starting from finding a domain. According to PBN advocates, authority auction domains works great building a PBN. The thing is on an average you need to pay 500$ for a decent domain for your network. Next things are server cost, content cost, theme, setup cost, etc.

Guest Post: Nothing! You don’t hold any network.

4. Link Power

PBN: Honestly a good PBN has insane power. It can rank your website in no time. The reason is there are very fewer outbound links from each PBN property. So the PBNs preserve authority, and when they pass authority to your money page, it’s powerful. But it depends upon PBN property quality.

Guest Post: Keeping authority equal, Guest post links are little less powerful than PBN link. Because genuine blogs give credit to sources & they have higher outbound links. A guest post from an authoritative site can skyrocket your rankings.

5. Risk Factor

PBN: Very Risky, Google is keeping eyes on PBNs and nowadays people observing increasing in PBN deindexation rate. How Google detect PBN? Oh common, Google is on the top when gathering data. How much you hide footprint, a single mistake will ruin your network. Though you will not use any Google services, that also create a footprint that why you are not using any Google service.

Guest Post: Guest post are almost risk-free. The only risk when your guest post has sponsored tag, but you got a follow link there. Another risk is getting links from a site which is spammed with guest posts.

6. Control over Link

PBN: Another plus point about PBN link is you will have full control over your link profile, i.e., anchor text, nofollow/dofollow, link placement, etc. These are your blogs so no strict moderation like genuine blogs. You can place links wherever you want. If some links are not working, you can remove them too.

Guest Post: You don’t have control over your link once your guest post is published. Editors of the blog can change anchor text, they can make link nofollow after a certain time & even your guest post can be removed after one year (which rarely happens). Once your guest post published, hardly anything changes.

7. Traffic

PBN: You will receive no traffic. You are fortunate if your PBN blogs have good traffic. We suggest you do so, try getting traffic to your PBN blogs.

Guest Post: When you guest post on popular websites with traffic, you will start getting referral traffic. Their readers will know your website. Its make your website’s brand. Referral traffic also good for SEO.

Thats 7 points comparison between PBN link & Guest Post Link for SEO. We don’t force you to choose either. If up to you how you see your money blog for the long run. One point is clear, PBN is not for long run.

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